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Not to sound like a douche but...

the only good parts were either the ones that didn't add in none-sonic characters, actually had a decent fight scene (that didn't rip off DBZ in all senses) and Pkmn2's parts.

Personally, i would think it would have been better if Pkmn2 just submitted his parts as a single submission and it probably would have done a lot better. I personally thought the other parts just dragged the collab down. all in all, its good for a fun collab and nice job.

Pienkaito responds:

Thanks that you liked mine, but the others deserve some credit too. =P
Even though I did the preloader, the intro, the menu and the outro, it's not like that I did everything.


Well, they still worked hard for their parts, so I'm still glad working with them.
Besides, with only my part as single submission is like the Marichu VS Curse-R submission. Too short. =P

That Mickey voice is killing me XD

it was a goood collab and was funny in most parts. the intro cought me offguard, thinking I was about to watch a tribute. Thankfully, wasnt the case XD

I'll be sure to purchase it when it's out

it's great to see other artists making it big to games consoles rather than simple flash sites. Not that was was anything wrong with it to begin with. thr characters are simple and cute and the plot will be straight forward. Cant wait to play this.

I was not excpecting this!

characters are nicely designed in this parody and the animation was sweet as hell.

Probably the best sonic tribute I've ever seen

On newgrounds anyway.

I loved the animation and its lucky that you DIDN'T choose Numb, otherwise I would have switched the flash off and left. Not that it's a bad song, its just too typical. I loved it up to the part where sonic gets stabbed, mainly because I doubt that Tails would ever think of doing that (unless it's a parody, of course!). Then again,I haven't read the comic that this is based on yet so maybe there's a deeper reason or maybe an accident.

beautiful and funny

this was just sheer brilliance. nicely animated, wonderful illustrations and the style and music is just fitting.

lol, it was enjoyable

I love how the clocks are treated as the antagonists as they inevitablely take over newgrounds. nice use of characters. but the artwork was pretty shit.

PaperBat responds:

Shit?? SHIT?!?!

Yea I know, lol, its my first real drawn flash, I didn't expect to do TOO well :P

legos? Ae you fucking 10 years old?

I've always enjoyed Your work and the inspired adventures involving Turd and Strawberry in the same place. Strawberry is as energetic and hyped as ever while Turd is so used to his master's abuse and random crap, he's almost given up on life. The only thing I didn't care for is the aged graphics but other than that, its been a beautifully animated short which makes me want to say "classic"

I would like to see more of this

the artwork was good and the animation is aright. I felt that there could have been better dialogue as well as smoother animation. there was a bit too much of stretching and squashing which put me off. Overall, I would like to see this series last as long as the plot and animation gets better through time.

Good for a rushed submission

could have added more detail and the frame rate could have been a little faster but over an interesting watch.

Animation is the illusion of movement. It doesn't matter how you pull it off just as long as you have a way of doing it in order to bring your characters to life.

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