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That was genius.

a funny remake of the ending of the watchman in reply to Micheal Jackson and Billy Mays. I love how Mr. Manhattan pulls off the moonwalk. It was like when My girlfriend's sister asked if she could still do the moonwalk. classic

zappawadda responds:

Your sister's blue?

good but felt rushed

it was all good but the art felt a bit lazy in places. all in all pretty good and a fun short.

Sonucais responds:

It was actually all a sketch and since my Wacom is broken I can't draw a shit. But yeah, I was planning redo the graphics but Windows crashed yesterday night and I had to decompile the swf. Replace the graphics is not the same then :(

I'm sorry but a no from me....

After watching this, its really not helping the fact that sprites are overrated. When you choose to make a sprite project, at least put time and effort into everything else. all your doing in a sprite movie is moving them around. throughing in recordings from other films doesnt make it funny either. it only shows that you lack the talent of being funny.

amusing little short! :3

You knew something bad was going to happen but still pretty amusing. A nice short for the holiday.

tylerburrito responds:

Well, of course! Thanks for the review.

"What? I fucking love paper!"

I found this episode rather good. Not as good as the last one but was still enjoyable to watch and I loved the characters added to this one as well.

Best tweened animation I seen this year so far...

animation was smooth with one thing joining up with the next, the whole battle was nicely done and the music was a nice touch to the animation as well.

awesome work!

ot a bad joke

But sadly, it would have had more justice if you made this as an animated gif for another site. or maybe if you whored it on the forums here.

listened to the damn song all day

it was all nicely animated but my only complaint would be to add a little more. At first, I thought it was a loop but after I kept watching, more stuff happened.

felt unfinished in places

The animation felt a little unfinished but the song was really nice.

Thanks or the reminder

thanks for the simple and amusing flash movie. could've drawn the gun or even trace it, though.

Sh0T-D0wN responds:


Animation is the illusion of movement. It doesn't matter how you pull it off just as long as you have a way of doing it in order to bring your characters to life.

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