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Its amazing how WGJ4K surprise me in every episode

I think my favourite part of the entire series is how serious the people in newgrounds and youtube take these shows. But I also love how the relationship and the interaction with the characters develop for better or worse. Great work on the series so far and cant wait to see the final few.

Greece, Greece, Greece, Greece

the animation and everything else was good but I felt the talent could've been used to make something better. For one thing, I never heard of the flash you chaps were making fun of until I saw this. Don't get me wrong, its fun to see popular people get taken down a peg but not if the animation wasn't even that popular to begin with or worth making fun of.

Kinda like beating a dead horse with a mallet


Pretty much shows whats probably the best bits of the books and what to see in the next teenage girl fap-fest.

nice animation and character modelling.

Congratulations guys, you finally got it finished!

Good luck on your future projects and never let your Legion die.

Overall, its was a fun looking collab and personally, one of the best that I've seen in a while. The main problemd with current flash movies was that it felt more like a chore rather than an actually having fun which what was making collabs were all about which was probably the reason why this flash took so long.

Just focus on why you join LL in the first place (to have fun!) and you'll raise again.


FlashShark responds:


Sending videogame parodies 20 years back...

Usually you would have a flash movie with crap animation but good story telling and jokes or vice versa. This on the other-hand, had pretty crap animation and unfunny jokes which made no sense for the most part. I mean for god sake, Roger has been around for YEARS and his style has never improved nor has his sense of humour. Alexandra seemed to have improved as in to say she stopped tracing her models but shame the animation is just "meh" at best.

Finally, the presentation is god awful. Like there was bugger all thought put into this at all.

Sweet Jesus, its all coming back....

the most favourite moments in AFD was when Fads were getting slaughtered by one of the most hated gaming icon at the time (popularity slowly came back somewhat mostly out of nostalgia but that's another story). Seeing that geared up electric mouse again really brought back the good ol' days....

RazorHawk responds:

Considering how often Pikachu gets slaughtered on Newgrounds, someone just HAD to turn the tables around some time or another. Seems like most people could agree.

Thanks for the review.

Kid friendly and nicely animated

I'd like to think newgrounds has matured to more than watching cheap animations with added cocks and video-game sprites but not alot of people actually care to grow up :C.

nice to see something worth watching for a change and nice work overall.

aniforce responds:

Thank you! I must say, I sometimes am bored by the videogamesprite-movies made with MSpaint... Luckily there's also a lot of good stuff here! Thanks for commenting!

I already bought it!

Indeed worth having around in your room for a quick read. Also, awesome animation.

Another great Pokemon tribute

Nicely done, I have to say. animation is a bit choppy but still very impressive. character profiles are well rounded with backstory and the moves were awesome to watch.

would be intresting to see this into a series

my only complaint is the lack of lip sync and overall animation but the overall design is nice. High score for potential

Animation is the illusion of movement. It doesn't matter how you pull it off just as long as you have a way of doing it in order to bring your characters to life.

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