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RISE THE ROOF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PARTY TEIM!!!!!!!!!

Awesome lock movie, PeaPod. love your style. there was like voice acting, parties and other fun stuff. Faults, we all got banned XD.

Sarcashka responds:

That dayum communist XD

indeed, so true

lol, thanks for the cameo

peanutbutterclawk responds:



I voted 5 JUST for that part! XD. Shit, that was funny as fuck! Nice choice in the games this time. Got to tell everyone about this!!!! Cant get that mental image out of my head now. lol!

RupeeClock responds:

You do that! And remember to tell them to vote 5! ;D

The Kittens are umong us!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome begining to the movie. with alot of Frame by Frame work. :) Been a while since you made anything around here. Hope to see more of your work?

SickDeathFiend responds:

thanks, yes more coming this way

The tables have turned for Mango!

God, I love CloudLock. He kicks ass! But whats with the last bit with Glow wanking off to ork porn?

Wonchop responds:

True story

Its called compressing files!

The animation is awesome but the art is shit. Your getting a five but you should learn to compress files and draw a little better.

Mr-GuNcaNDy responds:

And you don't think that I've been trying for SIX MONTHS to find out how to compress shit!? If you know, then PLEASE tell me.

And as the art goes, well, I'm getting better at it. Besides, I'm better drawing by hand than with a mouse. You wanna talk about ultra shit, see my other cartoon. That's noob stuff.

Very good work.

I remember that there was a big talk about this outrage in on the lock legion forums just the other day about this. My friend still enjoys watching those damn cartoons that suck so much. In 2003, he was fuckn funny. In 2004, losing ideas but had a few giggles. 2005, not funny anymore and 2006, desperate fuck face. Should of added hands to RupeeClock for more detail.

RupeeClock responds:

Hands? Nah, I don't think that's necessary.

lol, the traditional fans. :')

I get that too believe it or not (YES I HAVE FANS). People can totally relate to that. Awesome animtion and great face visuals.

Wonchop responds:


Your so damn true :(

I'd hate to waste my time and money for little fags who hates my guts, Clock Crew has now just formed into a hateful society where each member has nothing else better to do but to dis each of with effortless movies. People who were crual to BitClock are just a bunch of ungrateful fags who should really get a life.


MilkshakeClock responds:

I concur. You're cool.

Awwww, cute ^0^

ClockLock's movie was better but this one was funnier by the stupid music.


WinchesterLock responds:

yeah, I also made mine in half the time of her's so that sorta explains that.

Animation is the illusion of movement. It doesn't matter how you pull it off just as long as you have a way of doing it in order to bring your characters to life.

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