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Loved the Curly Sam part!

Totally didn't see that comming. Great movie

Wonchop responds:


lol, cow cannon

the part when some whiny shit was playing Halo and was getting own3d by a haxor was the funniest part. Its so fucking true. :P

reminds me of Skittles and Bitz was with effort put into it.

Totally gonna fave this. :)

Wasamonster responds:

But arn't you concerned with the deep meaning in this flawsh! :0

Very cute animation.

To be frank, this is the only decent movie I seen all day on NGs, hope it gets an award, totally deserves it.

TazSaints responds:

The only decent one? Wow! That's cool!

In short, it was tedious!

I'm a fan of the blue bomber and his adventures but even I didn't enjoy it. The artwork in that movie wasn't origional at all, all of it was traced and I frown to that. the movie was also slow paced where the movie got bloody boring and the lip syncing was terrible. My other rant is that X was NOT the first Reploid to be created, it was Sigma! Also the voice acting was terrible as well.

Sorry if what I said pisses you off but I'm being honest, do better next time.

Wing00 responds:

Your obviously not a big fan since you seem to know so little about the storyline . All reploids INCLUDING sigma were based of X's design.

I knew it will happen...

I hate to say it, but I knew that it would'nt go down well. Some of them were good for 1 hour though.


MarlboroLock responds:

i knew it will be shit

lol, beer......:)

B3n sure loves his Guinness. Yeah, the animation wa rushed like you said but thats what made the whole thing funny.

Wonchop responds:

That's what got Cloudlock shorts Daily 5th a few months back.

LOL, totally voting 5!!!

Even though I seen it at your sheezy page, I'm still voting 5 because this animation is the best I seen this year. Even though its the only the begining of 2006

Eric-S responds:

It depends! if you saw it on SA it was on 2005, and if you saw it here it was on 2006!

Thanks btw!

Wow, so you you just made sound loops, clever...

Kinda similar what the Star Syndicate does, they get away with it ever since they were formed but at least this ha some effort put into it, but still crap.

NinoGrounds responds:

I dind't.

Okay, someones been at the coffee again...

Nicely done. The whole story was completely random but who cares, its a christmas flash. Also, The inspiration part kinda reminded me of Rupee Clock's "SBC Plans For Frontpage". Well, the animation I enjoyed. VERY inspirational, no really. Good work and stay away from the coffee!


Wonchop responds:

I don't like coffee

Merry Christmas, RupeeClock

That sure was a swell movie you made there. Merry Christ/Clockmas to ya!!! Alot of work must've been put into this swizzy movie.


RupeeClock responds:


Merry Christmas!

Animation is the illusion of movement. It doesn't matter how you pull it off just as long as you have a way of doing it in order to bring your characters to life.

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