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The animation is nice but the writing is a little hit or miss. Hope to see more of it tho, been a good while since I've seen something like this :)

I love how this is turning into a sort of series. Good stuff!

damn, animating in Krita must've been insanely time consuming. Personally, I would have stuck with flash but seeing this made me think twice about the program and what it's capable of.

MarcHendry responds:

krita is actually pretty cool, it has nice brushes like PS, and a nice timeline like flash, so it's a good compromise beteween the two IMO. although yeah this did take ages

Damn, dude. I've never seen anyone that pumps out high quality animations that fast.

As for this animation, very well crafted and the models are spot on, especially the octoling girl

The style is really out of place for the song's hyperactive nature. I'm sure it would have been great if you actually finished it but I can understand if you weren't able to. (corrupted, or lost files) but if its general laziness then that would be disappointing. Since you were that close to finishing, I don't see the problem in pulling back for a couple of weeks to finish it and fix some problems.

best sonic fan animation I seen in a good while, lyou earn a good 5 on both review and stars. Gotta love Eggman's voice, its like hes having an orgasm on every sentence.

I like this because thats how I think most of us animators feel at times. If not all the time

IceBridget responds:

Yes haha, animation is hard. Im quite a newbie when it comes to animation I mean this is my first full length animation including sound. most other animations I do were either really short or gifs. I should upload them. and It was also partly to do with me having sever animea (low iorn levels) which makes you super tired and give up on lots of stuff. but thank goodness shovel knight came out to give me some ideas!

I would have probably just taken out the final part. The interview was good and you probably would have benefited more if you just rolled with that joke for another scene instead of trying to build hype for a sequel to your animation which is done far too often.

I just found my new favourite cartoon

Not bad, though voice acting could be better and leave out the final fantasy music. It doesnt suit megaman at all

BallinSNN122 responds:

Appreciate the feedback. I have mostly Mega Man remixes planned for #2, so way ahead of you ;) - Though I must confess, I was in the midst of playing an FFVI mod around the time of making that scene.

Animation is the illusion of movement. It doesn't matter how you pull it off just as long as you have a way of doing it in order to bring your characters to life.

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