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Very well done! Simply proving the point in why many Megaman fans feel short-changed towards Capcom's attitude with Megaman's milestone and Megaman in general for that matter.

The art design and presentation is nice and what I would expect from a Madness game but MY GOD does the game lack like a bitch...At the heat of a massacre, I would usually see my Character spaz out when I least want him to. :C

Maybe it will play better offline but for a game that you would usually play on a website online, its kinda bad. Despite that, I hope we can see more of these Madness games. Everything about the game is great except from the massive lack which I hope will be fixable in the future.

A heart warming tribute the the God of War series.

An RPG that had everything. Story, combat and superb controls. The voices were pretty good too.

That was extremely disappointing...

The lagging completely ruined the game for me. Also, I know the madness animations are still nice, even after 2007 but using the same stuff from years past is just lazy. Above all else, its just repetitive.

No business in being here

I like kingdom hearts but that was rather pointless, maybe you should have focused on an actual animation rather than gathering stuff from across the internet and mashing it all together, calling it a newgrounds submission.

This was actually pretty fun

had music, a wide selection of options other than clothes and a healthy choice of music to listen to.

Its a nice little flash game

I'm just confused if this is meant to be an advertisement for the latest TMNT game or not and the gameplay on that game will be similar to this..

A simple test for a game

the animations for the punches and kicks are far too slow. the lack of graphics is rather offensive and if you dont have a friend to play with, your rather fucked. This really shouldnt be in the portal basically because its nothing more than a test for an unfinished game.

fucking sweet ass!

I was wandering when this would come out :) 5ing this till the cows come home.

Awesome, reminds me of Wario Ware Touched

This is alot of fun and plenty of imagionation. 5inated!

Animation is the illusion of movement. It doesn't matter how you pull it off just as long as you have a way of doing it in order to bring your characters to life.

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