Entry #1

Well now arent we all spiffy looking...

2007-07-18 15:59:34 by MylesAnimated

Hey Newgrounders-

I must say, the site looks a hellovalot better the last I wondered here, Serious Kudos to TomFulp and the gang! As for flash projects, I'll be working on a comission this weekend for the boys at www.101challenges.com which is something I really should get myself around to do. Be sure to check out the NG Portal for that now!Other than that, I noticed that I've got to pimp my userpage which should be alot of fun to do!

many love to everyone,



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2007-07-21 18:23:53

Faggot :U

MylesAnimated responds:

love you too, hunni <3. ^3^


2007-07-23 16:28:57

dude you are great i love the flash "sonic halloween costume 2" and the others i guess so well now i a fan for you see you next time


2007-09-20 17:05:01

Your animations rock!!:)


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