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Inktober 2017

2017-09-09 02:56:26 by MylesAnimated

So I'll be doing Inktober again this year and since last year was such a great success for me (actually led to a good few things that happened to me involving a new job, so I call that a win.), I would like to know what would you like to see from me next month.

The stuff I did last year is on my tumblr if your interested in looking

I'm currently running a livestream with some friends to raise money for Special Effect. I charity that specialises in helping disabled people play videogames. If you got a quiet night to yourself, may as well come check us out :)

New show! Myles Animatic

2016-07-19 08:24:34 by MylesAnimated

On a quest to get my lazy ass back into animation, I thought I'd start an animation series where I talk about whatever I feel like. I'd post this on newgrounds but since the show will mainly be in an animatic form (For time and such) I really dont like the idea of posting "crap" and half assed stuff on this site. What do you guys think I should do?

Fritz The Ferret

2016-01-03 07:20:49 by MylesAnimated

Happy to announce that I'm starting a new weekly comic starring that ferret from that one university animation I made a few years back, Fritz The Ferret! I'm aiming for it to last the whole of 2016 and if it catches on, I'll continue with it :)

Catch the first strip here and hopefully it'll be part of your sunday;


2015-03-15 08:57:42 by MylesAnimated

So I decided to create a twitter account recently as a way of trying to motivate myself but when setting it up, I noticed that MentalMyles has already been taken. After I settled with the username "MylesAnimated", I felt that it was high time I thought about changing my name.

The Origin

MentalMyles originated as a breif nickname at primary school where the kids in my class would play a pretend game where we were all serial killers working at a hospital, we would give ourselves a title which matched with our first initial such as "Doctor Darren" or "Janitor Jake" and I went for "Mental Myles". We only every played that game once because if I can remember correctly, the girls told the teacher who warned us never to play that game again (yeah, we were banned from playing a pretend game, the same teacher that tried to ban us from watching South Park...). Later in life when online gaming was only relevent to PC gaming, I would go for the name MentalMyles when playing games like Counter Strike and Team Fortress. Me and some people would play game regularly on at the Internet cafe/ Corner shop until I eventually got bored and noticed a guy watching Mario Vs. Sonic on this mystical site called newgrounds. I became a member in 2003 and....thats pretty much it in terms of where I got my nickname from.

The biggest problem I keep coming across with the nickname was always the fact that it wasn't ever apropriate for professional use. It looked really bad on a business card and it would leave people thinking that I may be a pshycopath.....which isn't completely wrong. Also theres the surprisingly common use of the name I discovered. the name "Myles" may be rare but I would be lucky if I come across a site where it hasnt already been taken.


Original and Best

So yeh, with the exception of Newgrounds I would be using the new name MylesAnimated on other sites. Why? Mainly because people around here refer to me as such and since this was my place of origin, I would rather keep MentalMyles as is on Newgrounds where it all began.

And yes, I am aware the Sam T. recently changed his name from Ebolaworld to Saminations which was why I decided to explain why I'm changing my name to save a bunch of misunderstood people accusing me of being a copycat.

Stay sexy newgrounds ~<3

Setting up shop

2015-01-31 19:04:31 by MylesAnimated

January was a Bit of a Slow Start

Thought I'd give a little update on what I've been up to and give myself a way of keeping track in terms of productivity which hasn't been great in itself...a bit of a slow start to say the least.

First off, I bought a new laptop recently and had to set things up such as installing programs and getting used to new tools that comes with picking up most recent versions of adobe and Autodesk stuff.

Another reason I havent done much of anything this month is due to changing shifts at my job in order to work more hours which means less free time to myself let alone time to sit down and work on animations. The joys of being an adult indeed. I also want to work on other stuff outside of animation such as improving on my 3D skills, going back to comics, improving on my artstyle and so on.

I feel that once I've gotten into the swing of things I will be able to manage work on some small stuff. Taking a page from what some people suggested, it would be better to work on smaller time killers for funsies rather than focus on a project that would almost never get done.


2014 was in short, a year with it's share of ups and downs but with the worst possible outcomes outnumbering the good things that happened this year. While graduating university and finally being able to create whatever the hell I want again is great,  it hardly makes up for all the crap that has happened as well as the crap I allowed to happen this year. 

I terms of my social life, I felt that it was on the brink of disaster until I had to cut a couple of turds loose but at the same time, managed to catch up with some old friends which was a good feeling and tought me something important regarding my group of friends. Regardless of how much we have to drift away from each other in order to get on with our own lives, we can always catch up as if we have havent seen each other since yesterday. Something that some people tend to regretably forget about. Unfortunately as easy as it was to rekindle my friendship with people, my love life took a drastic turn due to my stupid mistakes and negligence. Despite what happened, I learned alot about myself. Things I need to work on.

2015 is going to have to be the year of change. Its time for me to stop dreaming and actually do shit instead of simply thinking about it. To finally grow up and acheive rather than simply try.

Also the games were mostly shit than good.


The Future

So what have I got down the pipeline, well I have a short animation that I'll be working on which will hopefully test out a few things. I've already written the script and will be working on the character designs as soon as I finish writing this post.

That aside, I still have a few other projects in the backburner so hopefully they'll see the light of day soon enough. Only time well tell.

Lets do a Zelda parody! That's not been done before, right?

2014-10-20 12:47:52 by MylesAnimated

Long story short, its a kickstarter video to fund a feature length animation parody based on the Legend of Zelda (assumingly Ocarina of Time) with comedy stylings of fans that watch family guy.....Jesus fucking christ....

What I personally find hilarious about the whole thing is that they're doing it with a straight face and acting as this sort of thing has never been done before except that it totaly has been done before by more talented people on newgrounds and youtube combined that didnt get paid outside of monitization. Hell, put together all of the short parodies and compile a collection and you can make at least 10 feature length movies.

Remember when people made flash movies for fun? Those were good times.

New Sonic cartoon on NG

2014-07-14 20:39:06 by MylesAnimated

Go ahead and check it out if you have a minute...

...And with that, I'm off to texas for a couple of weeks to spend time with the most important woman in my life, love you Madie <3

Kirby Eating Cake on NG

2014-05-29 10:59:05 by MylesAnimated
Check it out if you have a minute!

Long time no post, hopefully that will change soon. Since I'm officially done with school, hopefully that will mean I'll be able to make more of my own stuff